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First Snow

November 6, 2010

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It didn’t stick but it sure came down thick

Greetings, dear reader, from the snowy, blowy, GBA.  The skies are starting to look extremely *Autumnlike*; that is, those dark angry clouds that fill most of the sky, accompanied by strong winds, cool temperatures and precipitation that is can be both liquid and solid.  We had our first snow today.  And even though the was NO accumulation, it was chilling.

If you were out there, it was chilling

Yeah, during the evening hour of six, the snow came, and the wind blew and if you were out there, it reached right inside, right to your bones, and announced, “Welcome to Autumn”.    I kind of feel sorry for the folks due south of me, who have yet to complete the harvest of their corn as that will be some chilly business.  Of course, just after I blogged that most of the crops are in, I find some big fields of corn yet to be harvested.  But I will bet that they will finish sooner than they did last year.


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