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Harvesting is Over

November 3, 2010

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Harvest completion north of 90%

It kind of just crept up on me, but on the way back from Fort Wayne this afternoon, all of a sudden, I noticed that all the corn is harvested.  The soybeans have been done for a while.  Well, maybe there is still some corn out there waiting for the big combine to come and get it, but really, everything I saw today is done.

Of course that don’t mean its over

There is still a lot of equipment out in the fields, just NOT harvesting equipment.  Some of the bean fields are getting cultivated.  And there are guys out there spreading fertilizer.  And folks are moving grain to and from their storage areas, so you still see tractors out, and cultivation equipment, and fertilizer tanks.

One other observation…

that struck me was a shortage of winter wheat showing up.  There is a patch here, and a little patch there.  Somehow it struck me that not very much wheat got planted in the area.   Perhaps it just hasn’t come up yet, like my little patch in the garden, or perhaps I am right, and guys just didn’t get around to it.  With the dry spell we have been having, well, it may not have been feasible to plant wheat.

I included a couple of links below that I found interesting, maybe you will too.  Leave a comment if there is some added value for you.

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