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What Will Change-Election Day

November 2, 2010
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Election Day 2010-What will it Change?

Good morning dear reader, and welcome to Election Day 2010.  Have you made your final choices yet? Or are you a part of the “Apathetic Non-Voting Majority” (ANVM) that did not go to the polls in 2008?

As you may have noticed, occasionally I tag a blog post as “TEA Party”, which seems to be in stark contrast with the purpose of this blog.  What does TEA Party have to do with good, fresh, wholesome healthy, local food?

How has your grocery bill changed, lately?

If you are like many, you may have noticed the jingle in your pocket after a trip to the grocery store being, well, perhaps a little less jingley.  Maybe that box of cheerios or wheaties doesn’t seem to be lasting all that long, as the price stayed the same, but the container size diminished.  Or it is just plain costing you more to fill your belly.

Farmers have noticed that the price they pay for grain, to fatten their calves, to grow a little belly on their hogs, in a slowly rising pattern.  That translates to a higher cost to the consumer for their meats, and cereal.  And so on.


So here we are on election day 2010 wondering what will change, as we go about our day, some of us cast votes, prices seem to be inching steadily upward, and farmers in the GBA have had their property taxes raised by 20% this year and hear of a projected 20% increase in the future.  What will change?

Since 2008 these TEA Party groups have formed all over the fruited plain.  They have pointed out to folks the difference between *Ruling Class* (UGH) and Country Class candidates.  They have alerted many to the idea the we are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY.  They have helped to create a new class of candidate that pledges to …

  1. Reduce government spending.
  2. Reduce taxation.
  3. Increase personal responsibility, by removing roadblocks on small businesses.
  4. Increase private charity.

Now whether or not any of these TEA Party favorites can get elected will be determined today.  So we would encourage those of you who have a desire to be ruled by king-like elected officials to seriously consider joining the ANVM, and just stay home.  Whether the TEA Partiers can (IF elected) implement their goals, we will see in the coming years.  Theirs is an agenda of freedom and of peace within the private sector, and severe downsizing of the public sector.  A shift of power from the (ugh) *Ruling Class* to the *Country Class*.  The effects of this election may not be apparent for years, but you will know when you see it.  A growth in the number of small businesses, a little more *jingle* in your pocket, neighbors out investing in new products, and the needy getting a “Hand Up” from a local, private organization that pulls them up and pushes them into a growing economy.

THAT  is what it could change.  It is sure an interesting time to be alive.  Thoughts?

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