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Voting in Bippus

November 2, 2010

A new day dawning in Bippus, Indiana

Chronicle of Election in Bippus, Indiana

Well, dear reader, my civic duty has been addressed, and I thought I would share some of that experience with you.

View of the Bippus Community Building

Bippus community building, where our two voting machines are

Voting in the GBA is such a pleasure.

Notice the campaign signs, mostly for Democrats

The people that work the polls are friendly, and helpful, and just plain nice to be around.

"Vote here"...the east end (back door) of the community building, viewed over an old truck hood

They greet you at the door, check your picture ID, and verify that the address on your driver license matches the records in their book. They told me that there are 486 registered voters in our little GBA.

Bippus, Indiana-approaching "the 4 corners" from the east

One voter was leaving as I entered.  Another voter preceded me in the “line” to the voting machine.  As that guy exited, the poll worker dude called him out…”Hey, you aren’t done yet”.  Bashfully the voter came back to the machine, and pressed the big red button to complete the voting process. (I think he might have been one of the three registered Democrats. tee hee)

After voting the workers all bid me a fond farewell, and I urged them to “make it a great day”.  And here in the Greater Bippus Area (GBA), my confidence is high that it will be.

Our country grocery store- the 7/7 Mini Mart

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