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Election Anticipation

November 1, 2010

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Will the rascals be voted out?

A couple of big events will happen in the next two days, and your old Uncle Milton is anxious.  Election Day 2010 is tomorrow, as most of you know, and then on Wednesday the money masters at the Federal Reserve will meet for what is being labelled as “Qualitative Easing – Session II”.  Not so many are aware of that, but it may have (shall have?) more far reaching effects.

A Thought Experiment

What if all the “rascals” get voted out?  All those people identified by the TEA Party groups across the country as being *Ruling Class* representatives are voted out of office?  In Washington, they still have a majority until they actually leave office in January 2011.  Would they dare to pass even more radical legislation before they leave?  Why not?

And is it curious that the Fed meets the next day?  Will they drop the interest rate below zero?  What would that mean?

What about the *Non-Voters*?

The 2008 Presidential election was decided by 47% of the public.  Big deal, you say.  But what about the majority (53%) that decided not to vote.  What if they were organized, and adopted a slogan of “NO, YOU CAN’T”? You might recall in our Declaration of Independence a statement about all just power being derived from the “consent of the governed“?  Are the majority who do not vote withdrawing their consent?  What would that mean?

And then there’s that pesky inflation

If the Fed reacts to the election by qualitative easing, and the value of the federal reserve notes plummets, and the majority of the public withdraws consent to be governed, well exactly where does that leave us?  In this little thought experiment, one can imagine a carbon credit trading system enacted, and an alternate money system emerging, and the TEA Partiers all waiting for salvation as the new representatives figure out how to save the republic.  All this while we rush to buy bread at $10/loaf, no $15, oh sorry that was earlier, $20 a loaf until the next price rise.

It is an exciting time to be alive.

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