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Scary stuff

October 30, 2010

Halloween season-time for scary stuff

Greetings, dear reader.  I just saw some really scary stuff- the chicken vegetable soup leftovers that have been in the crockpot for like three days. Phew-ee!!!  The Missus just took them out and is feeding them to … the chickens.  Now if you have been around chickens (God love ’em) you know that they just go absolutely bonkers over leftovers, especially leftovers with , um, protein in them.  What a great and convenient way to conserve resources- having chickens.

Other scary stuff

The wind out here in the GBA is starting to be scary.  How long can it continue to blow at these *almost-knock-you-down* velocities?  And movies…I just finished watching a *Fear-Fest* movie on AMC called “28 Days Later”.  Whew, that was scary.  It is set in London, after a virus has attacked humans, and turns them into bloodthirsty killing machines. S-C-A-R-Y…

Which reminds me of our County Council, you know those scary dudes that raised the *public safety local income tax* to its maximum allowable level this past week.  What with the election only three days away, maybe they will be having a little trouble sleeping at night…

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