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Squeezo-strainer Revisited

October 28, 2010

Tomato sauce

While I was out, the ‘maters came in

Good Evening, dear reader, yeah, you read that right.  I picked a bushel and a half of some of the best tomatoes today.  The frost came, and we rather much forgot about them, and yesterday I noticed a lot of red out there in the north garden.  When I mentioned this to Wifey, she said, “Well we better pick em”.

“We” (indeed) we ought to pick them ‘maters,,,

They were real beauties, well, a lot of them were mooshy and went to the chickens.  The other bushel and a half were fed through the squeezo strainer.  And now the whole house has that wonderful tomato-sauce-is-reducing-kinda aroma.

And tomorrow we will can another batch of tomato sauce.  The latest batch evar.

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