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Bippus Tornado

October 28, 2010

Images from October 26,2010

It turns out that the tornado also hit my barber’s house in Whitley County, which is north of Huntington.  He told me that it removed part of his roof, pulled a squirrel out of a tree and slammed it against the barn.  But what really made him mad?  It tipped over and smashed up his $300 freestanding tree stand, that he was going to use for deer hunting.  Go figure.

Following are some more images.

Debris in tree, and all over

No *High Water* here, just pieces of things

These trees were knocked down

This trampoline *fell in love* with a tree

This big, old tree was snapped off

This Blue Spruce did not fare too well, but the one next to it is OK.

More tree damage

In the photo above, the pavement in the foreground is state road #105, which is the main North-South road through Bippus.  This photo was taken about two and a half miles north of town.

The tornado did not spare telephone poles either

Part of a building roof just laying out in a field

It is hard NOT to think of Dorothy, the little girl from Kansas and her dog, Toto when viewing the aftermath of the tornado.  We have had strong winds for three days now, and the power of this storm is apparent whichever way one looks.

I’ll share some more photos later.

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