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Tornado hits Bippus area

October 27, 2010

Intense tornado activity in the United States....

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Tornado touches down in G.B.A.

Well, actually the tornado touched down closer to Bracken, but who in the heck knows where Bracken, Indiana is, anyway?  The View from Bippus is changing, due to the effects of a tornado that flattened barns, removed roofs from houses, and laid a bean head up against a house.

Ayup, on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 in the hour of ten very high winds set the conditions in the G.B.A. for the formation of a tornado, and it formed, and it wreaked havoc.

Debris scattered in harvested field

Debris scattered in harvested field

The local paper, the Huntington Herald-Press, said the damage was “limited” in northwestern Huntington County.  Tell that to my neighbors who were trapped in their house, when their combine’s bean head was tossed up against their home.

broken trees, debris in trees and other messes

This house had part of its roof removed by the GBA Tornado

The power went out as poles were knocked over in several places.

This pole was laid over by the October 26, 2010 tornado

If you look closely at the photo above you can see the wires laying across the ground.  Roads in the GBA were closed all over the place, creating an increased flow of traffic through the countryside as drivers crisscrossed trying to get around.

Mommy, Mommy where is my trampoline?

And the kids won’t be jumping on this trampoline anytime soon.  Mean old Mister Twister took it and wrapped it around a tree.  It ended up across Bracken Road from where it was “supposed” to be.

This little building lost part of its roof

And as you scan these photos look at the debris.  There is stuff strewn about EVERYWHERE.  There are pieces of metal out in fields.  One neighbor reported her grain wagon being moved from along the woods, to the middle of her field. At least is was HER field.

No, that is NOT a spaceship that splashed down in this pond.

I am certain that these folks were surprised to spot this part of a grain bin in their pond.

I have more photos to share with y’all, but I am short on time.  So check back in later, and leave your comments.  Always like to hear your thoughts…

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