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Huntington County Local Option Income Tax

October 20, 2010


Aerial view of Huntington looking northeast.

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LOIT Moves Forward

Rob Miller, proposed that the Huntington County Council raise the Public Safety LOIT to its legal maximum, which is 0.25%.  The vote was only opposed by two councilmen, that being Chris Hoke and John Hacker, the only two that opted to represent the voice of the people that were not also public servants. You see, the meeting last night was well populated with people who get their pay via taxation.  Overwhelmingly, the private citizenry OPPOSED any increase of LOIT.

The LOIT must be voted on, again

by law, in order to take effect.  The LOIT is on the agenda for the October 27, 2010 County Council meeting, which will take place in the GAR room at 7 pm at the county courthouse.  So, if you want to have a voice in the county income tax rate, you must contact your county council persons before that meeting.

just to be clear,

as councilman Chris Hoke pointed out repeatedly, the report commissioned by the council advised that the current budget does not equate to layoffs of public safety personnel, and there are several alternatives described in that report that ought to be tried prior to raising the LOIT.

It is typical of the *Ruling Class* to spend taxpayer funds for a report, and then ignore the recommendations of that report.  Five of the seven on the council voted to raise the tax.

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