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Randy (the rooster) is no more

October 14, 2010

Randy, father of Chick-Duck and Little Blackie Expires

Randy, the barred rock rooster, 1.5 years old expired today.  He was found at dusk, with his body wedged in the chicken pen fence, an obvious victim of one very fast Jack Russel Terrier, who shall go unnamed.

Randy was fond of dueling with the little-dog-trapped-in-a-big-dog’s-body, and the two of them frequently sparred out in the open grass.  They would entertain each other from alternate sides of the chicken pen fence, crowing and barking, spurring and snapping, but no one ever thought it would end in death.

Good old Randy, the Rooster

“It’s all fun and games til someone loses an eye, or dies”

as the old saying goes…”And then they call it a sport”…  And sport it was for the little Jack Russel, who was fast enough to kill a skunk one time, and escape without that awful skunk scent. FAST.  Apparently, Randy tried to get a peck in on the little Jack, through the fence, and the Jack got the bite on him instead.  And now he is dead.

Overheard in the kitchen: “It’s a shame”

response (from the peanut gallery): “Yeah, but he is in a better place.  In the soup pot.”

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