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October 8, 2010

Whig primary 1848

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What in the Heck is a Whig?

All throughout the 1700’s and beyond in England there was a political party known as the Whigs.  They opposed the *Absolute Rule* power of the Torie Party.  Wikipedia describes it THUS

And then in the 1830’s in America, the Whig political party established itself as an alternative to the overreaching of the Andrew Jackson administration.  You can read about them HERE

So if you have clicked on the hyperlinks and read the history of the Whigs in England and in Early America, you might be thinking, what does this mean for me, here in the year 2010?

What lesson can we learn from the Whigs?

Well, have you felt the the ruling class in Washington, D.C, is usurping power and undermining your rights and taking too much of the fruit of YOUR labor?  Are they spending beyond their means?  Did you notice recently that a writer in the Washington Times called for the IMPEACHMENT of President Obama?  There just may  be some similarities between our current dilemna and those two historical periods…

“We’re All Whigs Now…The Awakening”…

is the title of the REALLY BIG SHEW, that is scheduled to play on October 16 at 2 p.m. in the Huntington North High School auditorium.  Peter Heck, a Kokomo radio talk show host is the producer and will be performing this “Pre-Election” program.  Peter’s website has video snippets that you can view


Tickets are ten bucks and are available in Huntington at Coffee d’Vine and at Wilson Realty, and also available in Roanoke at the Sweet Cinnsations bakery (or you can order by phone- – – see Peter Heck’s website for phone numbers)

So, if you are concerned about the future of your country, and you want to take part in what may turn out to be the THIRD GREAT AWAKENING, and you like top shelf entertainment, along with enlightenment, then you should join us on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 2 in the afternoon, for the really big shew of

We’re All Whigs Now

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