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A mixed bag

September 28, 2010

Varieties of soybeans are used for many purposes.

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Corn/bean harvest progressing

With the prospect of precipitation in the forecast, many of the guys were rushing to harvest.  You might recall that lots of folks got their corn planted early, in April and that has allowed many to start the harvest of their corn. Soybean harvest is progressing as well.

What is interesting is that as one passes among the filed crops, beans on one side of the road are dry, dry dry and (perhaps) being harvested, while across the road the beans might still be green, and needing several more weeks to reach maturity.  Yesterday, I made a trip to Fort Wayne, and there was  a great deal of harvest activity in the fields; And the moving of combines and grain heads on the highway. What struck me as unusual was that it was BOTH corn and beans.

So if you should be venturing out into the agricultural areas, please be aware, and observant as these large pieces of machinery could pop out on the road, and be travelling at lower speed than a typical passenger vehicle.

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