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Tomato Pix (Recovered from Camera)

September 19, 2010

Photos for *Squeezo* post have been recovered from Missus Milton’s camera

Being a poor dirt farmer means inconvenience.  As in, having to borrow a camera to get photos for one’s blog.  Inconvenience as in finding the USB Multi-Card reader that interfaces the memory card to one’s laptop.  Or, inconvenience as in finding a memory card to insert into a borrowed camera.

Someday, I hope to be independently wealthy, and have all my own cool stuff.  Until then, dear reader, please bear with me.

Volunteer tomatoes in the “Melon Patch”

In the photo above you get a glimpse into what was the melon patch.  Giant sunflowers in the background, the pork seasoning herb, SAGE, off to the right, and *Volunteer Tomatoes* in great, loping vines, covering great portions of weedy garden.

Volunteer Cherry Tomatoes

And here, you see the magnitude of letting a few cute, little *volunteers* run their course.  Those are cherry tomatoes, en mass, and part of what we picked for our little excursion with the Squeezo Strainer in making spaghetti sauce.

They are  a nuisance to harvest.  The vines criss-cross everywhere.  The tomatoes are thick, and frequently one can pull a *six-pack* of them off the plant in one motion.  But, there are a lot of yucky ones, and one must sort through them.

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