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The Top 5 Reasons for Not Finishing Your Sauce

September 11, 2010

Spaghetti Bolognese

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5 Biggest Excuses

Well, dear reader, here we are waiting for the spaghetti sauce project that I started on Thursday to end.  What could make spaghetti sauce turn into a two day ordeal?  Hah, read on…

Bible Study

So, you got the tomatoes picked, washed and you are well into straining out the seeds and skins from the pulp and juice, and then it is time to drive into town for your weekly Bible Study course.  So you quickly delegate the task to your kids, and they do exactly what you tell them. No more, and no less.  And when you get home, after dark, you get to carry all the equipment into the house, and place sauce into the oven on “warm” mode.

Automatic Oven Shut Off

So you have the giant pot full of sauce in the oven on “warm” , just as Auntie Ann used to do to keep it from burning on the stovetop.  And you turn in, with visions of sugar plums in your head.  But you have a “smart” oven and it knows better than to just gently warm your spaghetti sauce all night, because no one wants to actually do that nowadays, do they?

Heh, heh.  Ah, yes.

Where’s the Sweet Basil and Oregano?

So you get up in the morning and the sauce is not reduced anything like what you expected, and you need to reduce it on the stovetop.  A LOT.  And while you are looking for a tablespoon of Sweet Basil and two tablespoons of Oregano you discover you need to make a trip to town.  Plan ahead.

Hold the Onions

And then on the way back from town, you remember that you were also supposed to buy 3 pounds of sweet onions and you didn’t.  No sweat.  Just call up your son at high school and have him pick them up for you.  Sure, he says, I will pick them up right after I pick up college age daughter at her friend’s house and then we will be home.  Which doesn’t happen until about dinner time.  Oh.   Well.    That is all for Friday Night.

Garage Sale, Anyone?

And as EVERYONE knows, Saturday morning is the morning to go garage saling.  So dice the onions, peppers and garlic, and cook them down, while you continue to reduce the tomato sauce.  After hitting the sales.  And be sure to gently reduce the sauce to its rich, thick, tasty goodness. Slow and gentle.

And enlist the help of your significant other, as Notre Dame and Michigan are playing football on the teevee.  Currently, it is Michigan 14, Notre Dame 7 approaching the 2 minute warning before halftime.  And the sauce just came out of the canner.

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