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Squeezo Time Again

September 9, 2010

Kagome started as a tomato grower, and its mai...

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The Squeezo makes great sauce

With the advent of cooler temperatures, the tomatoes are kicking out the jams, er um red, ripe tomatoes.  So it is my intention to squeeze in a little time, making spaghetti sauce today.  And clean out the bounty of red ripe goodness from the garden.

Here is a pic of a squeezo (among a bunch of other cool stuff)

One of the nice features of a Squeezo is that it is not particular about the size of tomato you toss into it.  We get a LOTTY, LOT, LOT of volunteer tomatoes in our garden, and  (if they are not too poorly placed) we often let them sprout and grow.  These are frequently the cherry, or grape or other miniature type tomatoes.  Now if you had to peel them, well lets just say, there might be snow on the ground when you finished.  Not with a squeezo though.  Just toss them in, turn the crank, and out comes the pulp and juice, with skin and seeds pulled aside for the chickens.

And the preponderance of peppers and onion and garlic just laying around makes for some jars of some tasty spaghetti fixins…

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