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Clean up time

September 7, 2010


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Between harvests, manage the weeds

Greetings, dear reader.  We had a little time off, visiting the lake house over the holiday weekend, hence the absence of posts here.  The weather has taken a turn towards being cooler,  Very pleasant daytime temperatures, and lows in the upper fifties at night.  Very nice.

Corn & melons done, berries and beans diminishing

With the sweet corn all picked The Last of the Sweet Corn-Article and processed, and the last of the watermelons sliced and in the fridge, that leaves a little time to weed wack, and tidy up some of those rougher-than-you-wanna-see areas in the gardens.  The weeds really got away from us in the dry bean patch (didn’t they kids?) so I spent some time there yesterday, pulling GIANT weeds (carefully) from around the dry beans.  I brought a bushel basket to hold the dry bean plants that *accidentally* come out when yanking those giant thick weeds and clumps of tall grass.  And I have a LOT more to do over there before actual dry bean harvest.

I also used the time to trim around the edges of the chicken pen.  Still need to get inside the pen and chop down some of the taller stuff, as this provides forage for the poultry.  So there is plenty to do, until the next batch of vegetables is ready.

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