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Cattle round up

September 3, 2010

Preparing stud beef cattle for an agricultural...

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Cattle gotta see the Doctor, too

So the veterinarian will be making a house call, er farm call tomorrow at the neighbor’s beef operation.  Their cattle are currently grazing on two different parcels of pasture, and in order to efficiently use the vet’s time, the cattle must be all moved to one location.

Moving cattle with a stock trailer

So yours truly volunteered to help.  The calves will be the most interesting to move as they have never been on a livestock trailer before.  They will all be gathered in the barn, and asked (nicely) to walk along a narrow aisle and step up into the trailer.  Usually three or four at a time are shuttled from one farm to the other.  If the cattle don’t feel like moving, the process can get difficult.

So I am looking forward to lending a helping hand moving cattle.  Hopefully  I will have some photos to share with my dear readers after the move.

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