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Cleaning up your Messes

August 30, 2010

Everybody makes a Mess at Times

Good morning, dear reader; Your favorite blog writer (me?) is dealing with some messes that I have made. The major mess is one of relationships, that is, how the writer deals with loved ones during periods of high stress.  And so this post is really an outreach for solutions from you, my dear reader.

When Tempers flare, and stubbornistas collide

Really, this following video clip closely resembles some interpersonal relations that the writer had over the weekend.

A 4 minute, action adventure video

Do NOT read further until you have watched the video

OK, now that you have watched the video, let me explain.  The writer is the cougar and his college age daughter is the bear cub in the video.  The bear cub pooped on the cougar’s favorite meadow to start off all the action.  A fight to the death follows. Then mama bear showed up at the end to save the day.

So now you, dear reader, are asked to comment on how the cougar (in real life, this writer) gets back into the happy ending of the video, (to be continued) not as a cougar, but as a papa bear.  You see the cougar was really a papa bear wearing a costume to look like a cougar, the whole time.  And the papa bear, clearly has some fences to mend.

Your comments will be warmly appreciated…

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  1. anonymous permalink
    September 5, 2010 3:16 pm

    The species confused father bear, should of potty trained the daughter bear. Then this whole ordeal could of been avoided.

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