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A Good Day for Propane Sales

August 29, 2010

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Our propane supplier loves us

It takes a lot of energy to can (or more properly, “Jar”) garden vegetables for later use. I know this because yesterday, our kitchen was utterly FULL of energy, in the form of moist, sweet smelling heat.  Yesterday, my lovely wife was preparing and canning SALSA.

SALSA for the masses

Salsa is one of the family’s favorite uses of tomatoes from our garden. They are the main ingredient, once peeled, and are added to onions, garlic, sweet and hot peppers, salt and lime juice.  Then , we usually dump in a foil pack (or two) of salsa seasoning. I think that the missus said she put up twenty pounds of tomatoes this way, and that will provide plenty of dip for  our friends to scoop out with their favorite corn chips.  Sometimes visitors get a jar or two to take home during the holidays.

Salsa is one of the easiest things to make with tomatoes

Sure, boiling tomatoes for 3 minutes takes a lot of energy, but it makes those skins slip off easily. Then, they go into a bowl of ice water to cool, so you don’t burn your hands while peeling.  If you use the the foil pouch recipe, you pour the dry ingredients into the sliced tomatoes, add some vinegar and you’re done.

Of course, we raid the garden, and chop up onions, garlic, and peppers of all shapes and sizes.  Cilantro is another good item to add, along with a shot of lime juice. Bring that mess to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes and chow down!

Or, in our case, START CANNING

If you have just processed twenty pounds of tomatoes, the next step is canning.  This is done in a hot water bath canner. And THAT takes energy.  So much energy that it turns your kitchen into a sauna. So today, wifey is starting the process over again, as we have more ripe tomatoes.  But she has come around to the idea of using the camp stove outside, at least for the canning process.

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