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The Best Peaches Ever

August 27, 2010

Autumn Red peach.

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The tastiest, juiciest sweetest peaches

have been just falling off my peach tree.  The tree was planted four years ago, it is an Elberta Peach that I bought from Stark Brothers Nursery.  The tree overall only stands about five feet tall, and for the last month or so, it has lost height.

How does a peach tree “lose height”?

Well, dear reader, imagine a small, five foot tall tree with wide spread branches that starts growing peaches by the dozens, perhaps several hundred.  How much do 19 dozen peaches weigh?  The branches just kept hanging lower and lower as the fruit grew larger and heavier and ripened.  At one point, a branch sheared off under strong winds.

There are very few peaches left on the tree.  Every day for the past two or more weeks, when I have passed by the peach tree, I picked and ate one of the peaches.  There are probably less than a dozen left on the tree, so the walk-by-and-help-yourself-to-a-snack days are just about over.

Excuse me for a moment, dear reader as i take a stroll over to the orchard, and enjoy one of the best peaches ever.

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