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Making Tomato Sauce

August 23, 2010
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LOTS of Tomatoes, better make sauce

Greetings, dear reader.  Well we are still waiting for *Blackie* to hatch some more eggs, no news on that front.

In the meanwhile, the tomatoes have come on with great vigor.  Missus Milton picked about a bushel yesterday, after she gave some to friends and neighbors, so we decided it was the right time to make Tomato Sauce.

Sauce can be a tedious product to make, unless you have a tool known as a “Squeezo Strainer”. See link here. This handy device separates the skins and seeds from the pulp and juice by merely turning a handle (and having a bowl in the right place).  So, the Missus washed and sliced and fed the Squeezo, and I turned the handle.  She repeatedly remarked on the quality of the tomatoes.  They are just wonderful, after last year with the tomato blight and all.

Once the tomatoes are skinned and de-seeded, they must be simmered, gently, until thick.  Once again we used the Coleman camp stove to perform this task outdoors. All night long the sauce simmered. And I must tell you, the smell of tomato sauce simmering is one that will get your appetite up, as it is suweeet!  Now the sauce has thickened, and all that is left to do is put it in jars and can it.

We go through a similar process to make juice and spaghetti sauce, which includes onions and garlic and sometimes even some peppers.

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