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Simple Salsa- Made more Difficult?

August 19, 2010

Making Salsa

OK- We are making salsa, using those cute little foil packs, you know, add tomatoes, vinegar and the stuff in the package, and then dip it out with your favorite corn chips?  Not bad stuff, right?

Clear off that table and make some room to chop salsa components

Except our salsa has more *Stuff*

Except we like to add our own onions, peppers and secret stuff.  I am crying here, cutting up those white onions.  And sweet green peppers, mild yellow peppers, and Jalapenos.  So we get the chopped up stuff into the large stockpot, add the vinegar, add the packets and simmer for 10 minutes. Should fill up a dozen pint jars.

“UMM, hey Dad I am out of jars”

But when you add all those great quality extra vegeys from the garden, it bulks up the quantity.  So we will be going back and canning up a few quart jars, after the first batch of pints are done, since there is so much “extra”. Now don’t get me wrong, here, I love salsa, and “extra” jars is just plain old good news.  It just was not part of the original plan.

Too much salsa? More difficult? Simple?

Not a chance.

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