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Sustainable Aggravatable Agriculture

August 18, 2010

Is this sustainable?

Greetings  dear reader.  The garden here at the View from Bippus is just going crazy.  The tomatoes are turning red, the peppers are ripening, The beans just keep on coming.  I picked all of our beets this morning, and even though about half of the seed did not germinate, there is still plenty to make some borscht, and some for pickled beets.  The sweet corn needs to be picked, again, in the north garden and the west garden has corn that is coming into maturity.  I guess two weeks was not enough of a delay between plantings.  And the coons (I think it is coons) are just tearing into both patches every night.

When the produce comes this fast, it tends to make things messy around the homestead.

Cherry tomatoes are no good for making salsa

There was a request that we make salsa, but then someone took all the large tomatoes to sell to a coworker, leaving only cherry tomatoes, and a few sandwich sized ones.  So that project is on hold.

Onions drying on a rack

Onions drying in the garage

Onions must be dried in order to keep them for any duration.  They are a main ingredient in salsa, spaghetti sauce, and many of our meat dishes. We grow a lot of onions. And garlic.

Garlic, red onions, yellow onions, white onions drying on racks

We are drying onions and garlic in the garage.  Then there are the beets that I picked.

Beets on the left, sweet corn on the right need to be processed

When one wants to pickle beets, they must remove the skins, after washing.  Usually one boils them then plunges them into ice water and the skins slip off easily. Everythng gets turned beet red.

More sweet corn and melons at work station

So there is corn that needs canning, melons need cuttin, beets need picklin, tomatoes (well, we’re waiting for more to get red before making salsa) tomatoes made into salsa that will get canned, and did I mention peaches?

Yeah, we still have some peaches coming ripe.  And every time I walk past that peach tree, I grab another one. Oh, yeah grab you a handful of those raspberries, there ain’t enough for jam, but they sure are a healthy snack!

Is this sustainable?

Let me just say this about that- this madness will not last too long.  We will process what we can, can what we can, freeze some of what we can’t can, eat all we can, and plan to continue the madness again next year. So, yeah, it is sustainable.

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