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Grain Truck Shopping

August 15, 2010

Wait and See

(an 85 year old story emerges)

Blackberry season is about over

A dear friend of mine dropped by yesterday to ask me to come along with him as he checked out a tip on a dual axle grain truck that he had heard was for sale.  He needs a grain truck to be able to reliably transport soybeans and corn to market because the folk that used to truck his grain have moved on.  And the ability to store harvested grain is limited.  And as we all know, if you need something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

So we took a drive down south of Huntington, near a little town called Mount Etna.  We found the truck, and looked it over.  My friend had seen this very truck before in an auction where it had not sold.  It needs 3 tires, but otherwise appears to be workable.

Story line is *Truck* not *Duck*

So we drive on up to the owner’s house and begin to chat with him.  In the course of learning about the truck, we also learn that the current owner’s father acquired the property, and house that my friend was born in.  And the owner’s wife then pulled out a photo album and showed us several pictures, which my friend identified as the home he was born in, on the coldest day ever recorded in Indiana history, at negative 30 degrees.

Truck negotiations continued interspersed with other discussion. My friend described how at age seven he had planted a tree, just north of a shed adjacent to the house.  His father thought that the tree might not get enough sun there, but suggested that they wait and see.

After viewing two decent spare tires that would be included in the sale (if it happened) we drove into Mount Etna.  We drove into the cemetery in Mount Etna, and my friend showed me where  some of his ancestors were buried.  Then he pointed to an old tree standing regally near the main entrance.  He said that tree is eighty five years old, and that he had planted it when he was seven.  There used to be  a shed right there, and our house stood right over here. And during the depression, the government bought my Daddy’s farm and relocated the graveyard from down by the river up here on the hill.

We did not end up buying the truck, but we agreed to wait and see.

Sometimes, it is good to just wait and see.

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