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Randomness in pictures

August 3, 2010

Photo Dump

This goat said *Take my picture*

Do you ever notice the antics of animals when they want your attention?  This goat, (the one standing in the photo above), was just dying for attention.  We did not go through the goat shed (sorry to say) but hopefully YOU, Dear Reader, did get a chance to visit all those pens behind the antic-filled goat above.

Beef Show Coordinators

Do black cattle make for better beef?

Getting ready to enter the show ring

A red gelbvieh ready to enter show ring

Lining up for the judge

Red Gelbvieh *Jumps* the competition

Brown and White

Stuff the *Artsy-Craftsy* Babes made

Some winners of the *Deliciousness* competition

Old tractor-Cute girl

Some tractors that were in the Old Tractor Parade

So there you have it, dear reader.  A panopoly of photos captured by your favorite blog writer.  The fair came and went so fast.  All we have left of it are the photos and the memories.

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