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The funniest thing happened on the way to the fair

July 29, 2010

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, in the GBA.  Somewhere around 94 degrees F., and just as humid.  A hot, beautiful summer day.  We were waiting for all the troops to return from their various jobs, and off in the west those tall, puffy dark clouds kept amassing.  The rays of the sun were blocked out. The breeze started to pick up.

And then it happened

Rain.  Light at first, then heavier, then heavier as the wind increased. As the troops checked in, the rain reached downpour status.  Pounding on the windows. Thrashing the surface of the the water in the pool.  Even forcing the ducks, who love water, to take cover from the onslaght.

We cancelled our plans to go to the fair.

How VERY Disappointing

Of course, I was bummed out.  The sheep and the goats and the poultry were left unexamined.  When the rains lifted, more or less, about two hours later, we had received a tad short of two full inches.  And the backbone of the oppressing heat wave had been broken.

McCormick Engines and lots of tractors

Above are some of the tractors that were part of the tractor parade. If you zoom in, you see that a very tiny amount of fuel can be converted to a whole lotta work, by these McCormick Engines.

Gettin ready for the Cattle Show

Everywhere we looked people were putting the finishing touches on their animals, before they brought them in for the competition.

Wash, rinse conditioner and a blow dry?

These guys were working VERY hard

Notice how this gal is getting a *Tail Fluff*?  It is difficult to describe how much attention is paid to EVERY DETAIL, regarding appearance.  The men above were working frantically, and probably had been at it for 4 or 5 hours before this photo was taken.

A look at the washing stalls

The folks above take the opportunity to wash or rinse their entries one last time. This was taken about 15 minutes before show time.  You better hurry! (Note goat shed <sigh> in background)

And then it is time to move 'em out

The duo above were such a pleasure to see, as they were like a set of lifelong friends. It was obvious that they had spent a great deal of time together, as they moved as one.  There was never any doubt who was in the lead, the hustle and bustle in the area did not affect them, they had spent their time wisely, developed a rapport, they were a TEAM.

(Note Bunny Building in background…We DID visit with the bunnies. 🙂   )

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