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Blackberry Burns

July 19, 2010

It is blackberry season in the Greater Bippus Area (GBA). Old Uncle Milton loves freshly picked fruit. Blackberries have a natural defense mechanism just like roses.  The defense mechanism is THORNS. THORNS AND MORES THORNS.

rubus fructicosus lodyga

One version of Nature's Barbed Wire

Out in the back we have several patches of wild blackberries, also known as “Blackberry Brambles”.  The plants are also known as Brambleberries.  They are called brambles because of the tendency of the vines to grow up into an arch, and loop and interconnect with their neighbors, forming a near impenetrable island, loaded with tart and delicious berries.  One should avoid wearing shorts when one intends to harvest these tasty morsels.


Come and take it!

Above you see fruit in various states of development.  The black, black berries are the ones that you want to pick. But watch out for those thorns!

Ripe, ripening and green balckberries

Various states of maturity of blackberries

Because they do not all ripen at the same time, one must maneuver around in the brambles to get a nice serving of these tasty treats.  As one proceeds, they gently ease the canes forth and back, proceeding towards the juicy treats.  Softly they move until perhaps a deer fly or a mosquito or some other insect predator distracts them.  And therein lies the “rub”.  NEVER move fast when you’re in a bramble, as the canes, and their thorns *adhere* to naked skin!  YIKES!

Delicious, ripe blackberries


1.  Wear long pants and long sleeved shirt

2.  Use insect repellant

3.  Move slowly, deliberately and with purpose of forethought

4.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor without bloody, scratched, torn skin and burning sensations on exposed flesh

You can bet your last dollar that Uncle Milton will not be repeating the errors of his ways. Hope that you can learn from MY mistakes. OUCH!

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