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The corn is tasseling

July 16, 2010

Welcome back, dear reader.  If you have been out and about in the Greater Bippus Area (GBA), you may have noticed the emergence of tassels on the corn. Four days ago my first planting of sweet corn displayed tassels, which is the male flower of the corn plant.

Male flower of the corn plant

The tassel is the male flower of the corn plant

Each corn plant produces a male flower (tassel) and a female flower (corn silk).  The tassel produces pollen, which is near microscopic is size, and yellow or white.  The pollen looks like dust to a human eye.  When conditions are *just right*- meaning hot and dry- the pollen is released from the tassels, and lands on the silk, fertilizing each kernel of corn on the ear.

tassel spreading

This tassel is more mature and is spreading out

Pollen can travel up to a half a mile, but mostly it stays in the field in which it was created.  Tasseling means that the ears will be filling out soon.  We always look forward to harvesting fresh sweet corn.

If you happen to be near North Manchester, yesterday I noticed a sign on State Road 13 north of town advertising that “SWEET CORN IS READY”.  That person got their seed in the ground early, and that is good news for consumers.

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