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In the name of Pork

July 14, 2010

Good morning, dear reader.  That last post got me to thinking about pigs, and how much I miss raising them.  It has been a couple seasons since we had the responsibility of taking care of pigs, and I sure do miss it.  Pigs are intelligent.  Pigs are destructive.  Pigs are delicious.

So in my commiserating,  I got to looking around, and found this video on a big pork operation in Ohio…

Just a few comments here.  This video shows a commercial operation, and what we did was raise a pair of pigs for home use only.  Their pigs are raised on wood or concrete floors, ours were raised in MUD.  Their pigs always look nice, and white and clean.  Ours almost never did, as they spent a lot of time in their custom made wallow, rooting around for scrumptious treats, and using mud as special pig sunscreen.  Their pigs are fed (how many?) 8 different sets of rations based on corn and soybean meal.  Our  pigs got hog chow based on corn and soybeans, supplemented with table scraps, garden leftovers and even weeds and hay harvested from the area adjacent to their pen.

Of course, you, the perceptive dear reader, already knew where all this was leading.  Our pork tasted better than their pork.

Just saying.

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