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Weeds never sleep

July 13, 2010

Well, Neil Young may have sung “Rust never sleeps” and been correct.  But after being away from the homestead for a short weekend, I can tell you that the weeds around here never sleep.  In what seems like only a couple days, the June-bearing strawberry patch vanished beneath a canopy of thistle, lambsquarter, ragweed and just plain old nasty grass.

And the potato patch, which is planted in a raised bed, it disappeared as well.  Dill, lambsquarter, sunflowers and grass covered and hid the poor potatoes.  A major recovery project is now underway, seeking to allow sunlight to penetrate and revive the strangulated potatoes.  Although there are   Best Days for killing weeds, this need is immediate, lest we kill off the poor overgrown foodstuffs.

And thus goes it, pulling weeds and adding to the compost pile.  Weeds never sleep.

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