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The Incredible Chick-duck

July 9, 2010
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The incredible chick-duck was hatched by a mallard, imprinted on 4 incubator hatched mallards, and then, when they were playing a little too rough for him, and his nest mates were separated from their mama, bunked in with even more mallards.

Barred rock chick running with the ducks

Chick-duck at rear of duck flock

Now, chick-duck has a little size disadvantage compared to the other ducks.  The others are nearly full grown, and showing some nice coloring of their speculum, or wing patch.

Mallards in the clover

Mallard speculum is white-black-blue-black-white

The blue main color of the mallard wing patch has a black bar bordered by a white bar, which is distinctive of the breed. The chick duck is at least half Barred Rock Chicken. Here is his daddy:

Barred  Rock Rooster

Chick-duck's daddy, and some hens

At this point, we think Chick-duck is a male, and a pure barred rock. Time will tell. In the meantime, he thinks he is a duck, that does not like the water.

Chick and ducks

Hiding in the grass

And we’re fine with that.


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