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Country Roads

July 7, 2010

When you are driving on a country road, it is imperative that you look a good, long distance down the road, as well as remain aware of your immediate area.  Knowing how wide the shoulder is, what the condition of the edge of the road is,  and how far out from the road one can safely travel if some animal is *suddenly* in your path.

Crop sprayer coming down the road

Well this is one strange animal!

You might recognize the *animal* above as being a crop sprayer. The tires on his right side are completely off the hard surface of the road.  You might also notice that is a pretty good drop-off just past the second foot of shoulder. What is a driver to do?

Crop sprayer on hard top road

Look at the wings on that bird!

Here’s what I do:

1.   Slow down.

2.   Maybe even stop (if the road behind is empty)

3.   Move way over to the right.

4.   Exhale- so as to make myself and my vehicle “real skinny”,       and hope that the other driver stays on his side of the road.

There are plenty of hazards when driving out in the country.  Wherever you go, the risk of deer in the road exists. In the GBA, you might also find pot bellied pigs, ducks, turkeys, a horse, or a herd of cattle.  Enjoying a nice ride in the country can be very enjoyable, but please do it safely, dear reader.

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That’s it for now.  Go on out and make it a great day!

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