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Wheat Harvest

July 2, 2010

Seems like a couple days ago I mentioned that the wheat harvest was underway.  The weather has been clear and dry, and that is perfect for the wheat farmer to get his stuff out of the field.

wheat harvesting operation

Wheat harvesting operation

Now if you squint real hard at the photo above, you will see a wheatbine pulled up next to a semitruck transferring wheat from the harvester to the truck.  Being that this is a family operation, you will notice a truck parked in the field and a sport utility parked in front of the semi.  When we drove over there, the old man was doing the harvesting, his #1 son was waiting to drive the wheat-filled truck over to the elevator in South Whitley, and #1’s wife and 3 year old son were just hanging out, with the youngest running under the semi and just generally giving his mom fits.

standing wheat and cut wheat

Wheat ready for harvest

In the photo above, you can see where the crop has been removed, and the straw is left on the field. The wheat berries are collected in the combine.  Straw will be raked and baled later for use as bedding and manure collection.

wheat combine in action

Wheat combine moving toward the camera

The combine is heading right at us, chopping the stalks, detaching the grain, and discarding the chaff out the back. That “smoke” behind the combine is airborn wheat chaff that settles back on the field.  In the foreground you can see the straw, yet to be recovered.

Side view of wheat combine

Making the corner

And just take a look at those skies!  Just a beautiful day in the GBA.

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