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The Local Meat Locker-the Last Installment (whew!)

July 2, 2010

Greetings, dear reader, and welcome back. We have learned a lot about beef and beef processing in this multi-series blog, but man am I glad to tell you that this will be the LAST meat locker episode for the foreseeable future.


In Introduction, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, we got to see the lobby, the cutting room, the cooler and the big processing room of the W & W Meat Locker.  We saw sides of beef hanging in the cooler, the trolley system to move them to the cutting room, a quarter side of beef, the band saw that cuts quarters into steaks, the hamburger machine and the wrapping process.  Now I want to take you into the back of the shop.

Hams hanging in the smoker

Hey, wait a minute, that does not look like beef!

I did mention that they process stuff other than beef didn’t I?  Above you see a batch of hams being smoked to order in the back room of the local meat locker.  They also smoke bacon, which I can tell you is FANTASTIC, as we have sent several hogs over, and really enjoyed the smoked bacon and the smoked ham that came back.  They also process sheep, and I’ll bet if you call and ask real  nice they will process your goats and deer, too.

Please call and confirm that your own self.

Once again, I would like to thank the folks at W & W for sharing their time, and allowing me in to their business, as I sure did have a good time there.

And I would encourage you all to take a drive out in the country, and look for this sign:

THE Local Meat Locker

THE Local Meat Locker

Road sign

View from the front of W & W looking west

And if you are a Google Maps kind of person, and type in *Intersection of Ind.16 and Ind.105*  that intersection is the one you are looking at above.

I hope you have enjoyed this multi-part series, and would appreciate your feedback in the comments section.

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