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Part 3- The Local Meat Locker

July 2, 2010

It’s another beautiful summer day in the GBA, and thanks for visiting, dear reader.  In our last meat locker posting we ended with a steak that was being wrapped.

Slab of beef enters band saw

Slab of beef being cut on band saw

In the photo above, a large slab of beef is being processed into smaller cuts of roast and steak on the meat cutting band saw. These smaller cuts are then placed onto the cutting table where fat and bone (if requested) are removed prior to packaging.

beef sides hanging in cooler

Half cows (Side of Beef) hang in the cooler

Above, these sides of beef hang in the cooler, about twenty feet from the cutting room.  These will be processed in the next week. One thing about the meat you get from W&W – – – it is from one animal only.  No mix and match here.  And there is always that *money back guarantee*.  If you don’t like a cut, just bring it back.

Transport system for meat

Processing room outside of the cooler

Take a look at that trolley system. You didn’t think that those sides of beef were *carried* into the cooler did you?  With a hanging weight of somewhere north of a thousand pounds,  a robust trolley system is required to safely maneuver that much meat.

If you look closely at the last two shots, and have an intuitive mind, you have figured out that the sides of beef in the cooler can ride the trolley (which would be on the right side of the photo above) into the big process room, and then off to the left of the photo above, to be accessible from the cutting room.

With that I will close, for now, but come back soon for the last installment of the local meal locker series.  It is my hope that you have learned a lot about meat, and meat processing, and that maybe you will even take advantage of buying your meat locally.

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