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The Local Meat Locker

June 30, 2010


Greetings, dear reader. This will just be a short, introductory post, with more to follow, as my obligations are starting to back up, just a little.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit with my friends at W&W Meat Locker, just a few short miles south of Bippus.  W&W is a specialty shop that processes beef, pork and lamb to exactly meet the requirements of their customers.  It is a “one stop shop”, as opposed to the big, national meat processing plants that ship product from site to site, and plant to plant. Performing all processing in one facility reduces the risk of contamination, I was told.

W&W offers their customers a tremendous guarantee:  If you don’t like a cut of meat, bring it back for either an exchange, or your money back.  How many other vendors offer a deal like that?

So drop back in, I have photos and a whole lot more to share with you about our local meat locker.  Until then, go out and make it a GREAT DAY!


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