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Random Pictures

June 29, 2010

Good Morning, dear reader.  Sometimes a picture is better than words.

Where is the bull?

The gals went to another farm to “borrow a bull”.  Some of the cows will be coming into heat in the south pasture, and Undaunted the home boy is in the North pasture.  So they were looking for the bull at this other farm. Can you spot him?

Red Gelbvieh

The Red Gelbvieh cow above says- “It’s not me”.

Guard dog on lookout atop hay bale

The German Shepherd dog is looking but he does not see the bull.

Making the fork fit the 3 point hitch

Meanwhile, we better put the fork on the tractor and move some hay bales.  This fork had a bent connecting pin, and needed a little persuasion to attach to the 3 point hitch.

Moving the round bale

We got the fork on and started to stack the bales in the barn yard.  This was the first of many to be positioned here.

And the borrowed bull was located, and safely transported back to the south pasture.  Reports are that he is quite happy.

Hope you enjoyed the view…from Bippus.

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