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June 28, 2010

Good morning dear reader.

Yesterday my neighbor and I drove into Fort Wayne to visit his nephew in the hospital.  The nephew is a big farmer, and has been laid up for months.  What was special about our visit was the camaraderie.

When we arrived the nephew’s wife, son and another couple were in the hospital room with him. The couple are organic dairy farmers who drove from Ohio to visit their friend. Conversation was lively, and centered around the various types of tractors that each farmer owned, and had owned and operated.

After the couple left, we talked about 4H pigs, and the competition that the nephew’s son would face in the upcoming county fair.  He is raising a combination of Duroc, Hampshire and mixed breed, both gilts and barrows.  (A gilt is an immature female pig and a barrow is a neutered male pig).  He told us how he had injured his ankle while out walking one of his pigs.

And then it was time to say a little prayer, and be on our way.  We prayed for nephew to get strong, and gain health, and continue to become more healthy and get out of hospital.  And as we were leaving another friend showed up and started his visit.

What a wonderful thing it is to have friends, and to share goodwill and lighthearted rapport with them.  Camaraderie, the sharing of comradeship, stories and friendship is very strong amongst the farming community. And it is good.

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