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Another batch of hay

June 27, 2010

Greetings, dear reader.  It is a steamy, summer day in GBA.  Thunderstorms have been rolling through, with the temp reaching 90.

Before the rain came, we did manage to put up another batch of hay.  It was baled yesterday, in large round bales.  And Junior and I used two tractors with forks on the back to move the large round bales from the field into the barnyard.  The “fork” is a three pronged device that attaches to the 3 point hydraulic hitch on the back of the tractor.  One stationary bar on top, and two hydraulically operated lifting arms below allow the operator to lift bales that can weigh 900 pounds.  The main spear of the fork is about 4 feet long, and has two smaller spears, maybe a foot and a half long, below it.  The operator lowers the main spear to be about parallel to the ground, then backs up, into the flat side of the round bale.  If done properly, when the operator raises the 3 point hitch, the bale is lifted off the ground, and held securely for transport.

We moved about twenty new bales from the field, and then moved some of last year’s hay into the barn yard for immediate use.   Placing these bales with about a foot of space in between them, allows for wind drying after the rain (and snow- can you imagine that?).

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