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Haying, Part 2

June 23, 2010

Greetings, dear reader

When last we talked about haying, the weather was fine, it was hot, and we had the hay field cut and teddered.  And just as the storm clouds were rolling into the GBA, we got the hay baled.

Round bale of hay exiting baler

Another fine, round, green bale of hay exits the baler

Now the astute observer might notice in the photo above that the hay has been raked into windrows.  In the last post on hay baling Weather’s fine, let’s make some hay here at viewfromBippus, there were no windrows, as we had just finished teddering, so the hay had been broadcast, somewhat evenly all across the field.

So, yeah, you caught me, skipping steps, as there were two fine gentlemen pulling rakes around the field, creating those nice windrows, and allowing the hay to dry.  So they had a few hours in on the raking, which allowed that hay that was laying on the ground, to be flipped up and sun dried.  And the wind could aid the drying as well.

Back end of baler machine

Rear end of baler machine

See the windrows on either side of the baler machine?  Also notice the round bales off in the distance.  It doesn’t show well, but the ground was actually still quite moist in this set of photos.

tractor hooked up to baler

Tractor and baler

Here is the rig that pulls the baler, and creates those nice big round bales of cattle feed

Business end of round bale machine

Business end of round bale machine

And above we see the business end of the baling machine, where the windrowed hay is gathered into the baler, and compressed before being wrapped.

close up of hay being drawn into baler

Hay going into baler

So there it is, dear reader.  The weather window stayed open just long enough to cut, tedder, dry, rake and bale this batch of hay.  This was a success, but there were (more than likely) some folks who got caught by the rains, and their first cutting of hay was ruined. Or it may have been baled when too moist, and is now mildewing.  Farmers are always gambling, looking to the skies for a clue as to what action is appropriate, and what action must be put off until later.

Make it a great day!

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