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Bean Beetles- continued…

June 16, 2010
Japanese Bean Beetles

Japanese Bean Beetles

A Pair of Japanese Bean Beetles

For the organic gardener, pest control is generally a time consuming process. To control these ugly pests, some folks manually remove them. (I do!) There are commercial traps available, which have a pheromone based attractant in the collection bin, and the little uglies crawl in, but can’t crawl out. We have used these, and captured gallon sized bagfuls of beetles in a day. One tip if using this technique- place the traps well downwind of the crop you are intending to protect from the ravages of the beetles. Careful placement ( and replacement when the wind shifts) will attract the beetles away from your precious crop.

Here is a link to one particularly helpful website where *Homemade* beetle traps and the *attractant* recipe are available.


Jeez are they OOOgly!

Here is another link to help get rid of these ugly pests where they discuss using netting and neem oil. And pesticides. And I found this picture there, which is what my American Plum tree looked like yesterday:

A big cluster of beetles

A cluster of beetles skeletonizing a leaf

The grubs of these little nasties can destroy your lawn as well. That is why it is wise to know how to control their population. Being that we live amongst the fields of beans, soybeans that is, there is an unending supply of bean beetles.

I hope to share some big time soybean field control methods with you in the near future. In the meantime, go out and make it a great (pest free) day!

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    pest control is very necessary specially if you have an old house that is vulnerable to pest attacks*’;

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