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June 15, 2010

Greetings dear reader.

So the Missus was complaining to me about the raggedy way that the American Plum tree in the front yard was growing, and always wanting to be sure that the Missus is happy, I headed over there to apply a dose of the pruning shears.

Well, to my surprise, I found a cluster of Bean Beetles all cozying up with the leaves on my beloved plum tree.

Nasty leaf eating pest

Japanese Bean Beetle

Well, I hadn’t seen any of these pests around since 2009, so I applauded. Well, not really. But I did clap my hands, and managed to smoosh about a dozen of these nasty pests. Japanese Bean Beetles can destroy the leaves on a plum tree in a very short time. They cling to the leaves, and feed on them, and multiply, and eat. They also like to chow down on other fruit trees, raspberry bushes, strawberries, and …

Beans. They will absolutely clean out your bean plants, if you let them. So I clapped them. And then I pruned the plum tree.

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