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Wet, Non-farming Weather

May 22, 2010

Rain, rain and more RAIN, that is what has been happening in Bippus since last I wrote.  The Farmer’s Almanac weather forecast sure was right, and their recommendation to “Kill Weeds” and “Cultivate” is timely advice.  The cultivating will not be done by heavy machines, only hand operated cultivating will be going on around here.

View of flooded bean field

Where's the Beans?

The photo above shows what will be a bean field, if it ever dries out.  The owner had drainage tile put into this field, again this year,   Normally, the water runs off to the right of this photo. But the drain is working slowly, and the water is backed up.

Bean field lake

Water, water, everywhere

The ground is saturated.  Water is seeking low spots and flowing there. Where the water in the above photo reaches the road, the tile under the road is moving water from left to right.  It may take a week or more for this field to dry out enough to plant.  And that results in:

Tractor and cultivator sitting idle

Tractor and cultivator sitting idle

Farm equipment sitting idle and delays to the planting process.  Here is another rig waiting for drier days in the field.

Another tractor and cultivator sitting idle in the field

Idle tractor and cultivator in the field

The field above needs to be cultivated before it can be planted.  With all the rain we have received it may be a week or more before this rig can move without compacting the soil.

Cultivator sits idle, waiting for drier fields

Another idled cultivator

The guys that got their seed in earlier are probably all grins now, as their corn will start shooting up in height.  And those that waited will be wringing their hands and praying for a dry spell.  That is just how it is in the farm country.

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