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What a clutch

May 19, 2010

Actually it was 15

Good morning, Dear Reader.  The sun is shining today, unlike yesterday where the whole day was gray and cool in Bippus.  Every time I checked on them yesterday, Mama Duck and her babies were on the nest, huddled together, keeping warm.

Day old ducklings

Huddling to keep warm

Being concerned that they ought to get a drink and a bit of food, I endeavored to get them off the nest and over near the waterer and feeder.

Day old ducklings

Quite a brood

As they followed their mama, single file, I was able to count them, more accurately, to get to a total of 15. What a brood!

Day old ducks with hen

"Let's stick together here"

One day old ducks near feeder

Size comparison

Here they are near the chick feeder. The little ones get a special feed that is higher in protein.  The little openings in the red feeder discourage the adult ducks from eating the duckling chow.

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