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Corn Sprouting Early

May 10, 2010

Good morning Dear Reader. The Missus went along on a trip to town and brought her camera so we recorded a few photos of the sprouting corn that I told you about last week.

Now this seems early to me for corn to be up, but I am a newcomer here. These little seedlings are about an inch tall.  You might notice there is some standing water still in the field.

Now here is another field with standing water and it looks like the moisture has killed off some of the plants. See the incontinuity in the rows?  Maybe they never germinated.

This photo is a little dark but you can probably see a big puddle in the distance on the left. When it dries out, the farmer may come back and try to reseed that spot. I have seen folks do that by hand for really small areas, and carefully driving their tractor and seeder in for bald patches when the corn is less than a foot tall. Sometimes they need to reseed a complete field.

Yesterday, I saw the first seedlings of sweet corn in our garden. You may recall that I planted four rows and have been waiting to see the sprouts.  This means I should plant another batch this week, so as to have a continuous harvest in the summer.

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