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April 28, 2010

Good morning, dear reader. Activities in the fields has been slim to none for the past five days as we try to dry out the ground after several inches of rain. We just removed out little milk jug/ frost guards from over the celery starts and other seedling transplants. They may not have been necessary, but there was a chance of a killing frost so we didn’t take any chances. There are still some light, poly tarps over our strawberry plants, many of which have blooms and were thus vulnerable. We will get them off after I finish this post.

The ground looks so much better since the rains. The color changed from a light dusty, gray to a richer, earthier brown and this will allow it to warm up in today’s sun. The guys who planted last week took a chance- they will either get a longer growing season on their corn or (we hope NOT) they will be replanting if their seed dies. Longer growing season translates to higher yield, more bushels of grain per acre planted. Higher yield=greater profit. With the warming trend forecasted, it looks like those that gambled made a good choice.

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