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Prep for Corn

April 15, 2010

Good morning, Dear Reader! Well the men with tractors are getting into the fields. It is a warm and sunny day here in Bippus, and like I projected, the dust clouds are starting to fly. That is what happens when the wind blows and the discs are in action.

Now, really…there is not that much dust, as the soil is still somewhat moist. What you see is anhydrous ammonia being supplied from the tank in the back, down onto the ground near where the discs are doing their cultivation dance.

Ammonia is a compound of Nitrogen and Hydrogen with the symbol NH3. Ammonia provides for the nutritional needs of plants like corn. Corn requires a lot of nitrogen.
You most certainly do not want to get near that anhydrous vapor! It is both caustic and hazardous. It must be kept under high pressure because NH3 boils at a negative 33* Celsius. Here is a better view of the pressure tank:

If all goes well, this field will be ready to accept corn seed, when the correct soil temperature is reached. That is in the neighborhood of 50*F. Those big silver cylinders behind the tank- those are grain bins. They may still have corn in them from last year.

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